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Build Your Family Through Adoption

Speak to an adoption lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK

Adopting a child is a beautiful commitment. If you're ready to adopt in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it's time to speak to Attorney Lindsey Andrews. You can work with our lead adoption lawyer, who is also a family law attorney, to make sure you fill out all the necessary paperwork on time and correctly.

Start growing your family through adoption at a local family law firm. Call the Law Office of Lindsey W. Andrews today to schedule a meeting with your adoption lawyer.

How do you adopt a child?

The Law Office of Lindsey W. Andrews will guide you through every step of the adoption process. To adopt a child in Oklahoma, you will:

  • Meet with a family law attorney
  • Fill out an adoption application
  • Complete an at-home evaluation
  • Wait for an available child placement

Make an appointment at the Law Office of Lindsey W. Andrews in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today by calling 405-760-5855.