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Don't Enter a Custody Dispute Without a Plan

Contact a child custody attorney in Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding areas

Child custody is a sensitive issue that doesn't always have a simple solution. If you're dealing with custody issues during or after your divorce, hire a reputable custody attorney to guide you through them. The Law Office of Lindsey W. Andrews understands the difficulties surrounding child custody. Rely on attorney Lindsey W. Andrews in Oklahoma City, OK and its surrounding areas to take on those difficulties with confidence.

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What does the court consider when deciding on custody?

The court takes a wide range of factors into consideration when settling custody disputes. Lindsey will make sure you know your options and have a clear understanding of the potential outcomes in your case.

When you take matters to court, they will consider:

  • Your schedule and extracurriculars
  • The relationship you have with your child
  • Your past, present or possible future criminal actions
  • The safety and welfare of your child

To learn more about Oklahoma child custody, contact Lindsey today. You can schedule a consultation at your convenience.